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Vehicle Ventures offers a variety of Vehicle Financing options for all different types of credit! Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit?? Stop In Today for details!!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How will I know what type of vehicle financing I qualify for?

A: The first step in determining your eligibility for vehicle financing is to come into our office to discuss your credit history, credit score, and other such factors. Based on that information, we will provide a credit application for you to fill out. From there, our lenders will be able to determine your eligibility for financing, as well as the specifics of the loan (APR, Term, etc…)


Q: Who provides the vehicle financing for Vehicle Ventures?

A: Vehicle Ventures has a large network of local financial institutions to provide financing for our customers at the most competitive rates available.


Q: Does Vehicle Ventures provide “Buy Here, Pay Here” financing?

A: Unfortunately No. But don’t be discouraged! While we don’t provide “Buy Here, Pay Here” financing, we have been quite successful in securing vehicle financing for many customers in the past, even those that were led to believe they would only qualify for “Buy Here, Pay Here” financing. Stop in any time to assess your eligibility for financing… You might be pleasantly surprised!


Q: My credit is not so great… Can Vehicle Ventures secure financing for just anyone?

A: While we do have lenders for those with “Sub-Prime” credit, there are some general qualifications for financing.

·        The Applicant must be currently employed and able to provide 2 Recent Pay Stubs

·        The Applicant is expected to provide a cash down payment.

·        The Applicant must provide proof of residence (Utility Bill, etc.. with Name & Address)

·        The Applicant should not have open bankruptcy or repossessions within the past 12 months

Again, Don’t be discouraged! These are general qualifications, and each loan is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Still Have Questions???

Call us at (413)213-1444 or email us at

We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!



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